Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Experience | Paragliding

Looking at them dancing and swinging in the air makes quite impossible not to think “I’d like to try it too, at least once”. And that’s how I decided to experience my first paragliding flight over the hills. So, if you are planning to escape the city lifestyles this weekend, or whenever weekends, I urge you try to fly high in the sky! Seriously, it worth every penny! 

Good to know!
**Paragliding is an adventure sport where a person glides through the air using a wide canopy, a fabric wing that’s made up of a large number of interconnected cells. In paragliding, the pilot “takes off” from an elevated position, usually the top of a hill or mountain, then uses wind forces to help him maintain flight — sometimes even gaining altitudes! Throughout the flight, the pilot sits in a harness suspended below the wing**

Location: Bukit Jugra, Banting, Selangor. Malaysia
Price Range: MYR100 - MYR180
Flying duration: 15 - 30 minutes 

Whom to contact?
Search: Paragliding Malaysia. 

Or you can simply go to Bukit Jugra, meet and arrange your paragliding activity there.

As far as I know, the Paragliding Malaysian's team will always be there especially on weekend for paragliding activities, classes and so on. They will give you a full safety briefing and introduction to the glider when you arrive, then it’s a short journey to the top of the hill where you will “take off”. So you don't have to worry much about everything. Just go, fly, and feel the wind! Free your mind and enjoy 15 minutes of flying.

As I glided through the air, I could see everything around me, the 360 view! It was a magnificent view, beautiful! This is really exciting experience to be so high up in the sky. After a moment of flying, I asked the pilot if I can even allowed to fly myself for a while. He agreed and yay, I'm flying! 

Tips & Tricks 
Best time to fly:12 - 2pm (strong wind)
Ask for downward spiral or rollercoaster (trust me, this is so thrillingly fun!)
Check the weather before you make an appointment.

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