Sunday, 28 August 2011

First time Canoeing

Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson
February 2011

in a circle with safety jacket with all the trainees

sorry my friend, I have to censor it! Hakhak :P 

Its extremely tiring eventhough it just a couple of hours canoeing. I enjoy this training because its FREE! Yeah, I love FREEBIES!!! Hikhik. My first time canoeing was horrible. I dont even know how to control the canoe. We have thought how to reverse, stop, turn right and left and so on by the trainer before we can play with the real canoe on the sea but I quite blurrrrr because IT WAS THE FIRST TIME!!!!

By canoeing, I learnt more about the teamwork, care about others, we help each other when someone quite lost from the group and blablabla. I can remember it very clearly when I and my partner was stuck on the old wood. We panic and I almost cry. but I laugh! hahahaha. Wuuu, it was very-very-very lucky someone have saved us :D

You should experience it yourself
till next time!

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