Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Favorite

J: Hey, try watch this drama
me: What drama?
J: The Big Bang Theory, sure you like.
me: Sure I like, you sure?
J: Yepp, story about NERD's life
me: Am I too nerd to watch this? (monologue). Haa, okey I will.

My thought: Arrghhh, what a boring nerd's life!!
Reality: This story is awesome!!!!! *Watch it everyday non stop!!!

To be frank, I never thought that I'll watch this drama episodes after episodes. I thought it must be boring but not! Obviously its funny! At first, I dont even know what are they talk about, jokes and so on, because its a nerd's accent speaking *no subtitle (english) of course.

The Big Bang Theory
Howard, Raj and Sheldon stupidly bet just for a cricket

Howard, Leonard, Raj, Sheldon (the smartest, nerdiest, annoying)

Suddenly, I notice something when I non-stop watching this drama. Tadaaaaaa~

focus on the RED CIRCLE

Aha!!! Is the circuit same? :D

*Season Two - finished. Currently watching Season Three. Psst, I'm so afraid thinking of the result that will be released soon. Pray for me yahh :)

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