Wednesday, 14 December 2011

When Viva kissed Innova

Assalamualaikum *sob sob*

For the first time in my life, I had an accident *cars*. Can you imagine the Toyota Innova hit the Perodua Viva? Aiyyo~ cik viva, we are so sorry. It wasn't our fault, you are the one who drive fast *expectation*. Unfortunately...

The cik viva said... 
"don't you see the red traffic light? and.. you are the one who drive at the wrong lane! one more thing, you don't give me any signal!" whatsoever and blablabla..

An accident was happened at the Presint 15, Putrajaya, Malaysia. I hate that roundabout *grrr*

My friend Jek is on discussion

me: what happen? Do you have to pay?
jek: yep *sad*
me: how much?
jek: RM450. O M J
me: OMJ?
jek: Oh me jek
me: *monolouge - holy crap!* clearing throats
#phone ringging#
mena: is that true you had an accident?
me: yelah
mena: prank call?
me: *monolouge - suara aku ni macam tengah buat prank call ke?* no.. wait until this problem fixed. Then, we'll fetch you. I'll explain later.

Ohh Jek, I'm so sorry for this, for your money and for you :( *guilty* After that, we went to the OldTown White Coffee at Alamanda Putrajaya. Our first plan is to go to the IOI Mall at Puchong but since this unexpected thing occurred, we cancelled the plan! How sad is that huh? Alhamdulillah,  I'm so thankful because no one get hurt by this accident! No police case, no parents case and so on :D Hikhik

Enjoying the food after accident


nadiah =) said...

nasi baik bukan viva kissed you ;P

Yellow Scarf said...

nedy, hikhik, tu la pasal. nasib baik kitorang tak ape2. klu tak mcm mana nak masuk sem baru ni. aha :)