Thursday, 30 June 2011

Best solution for underarms

After reach puberty, it's common thing if you have hair underarms. Thus, shaving is not the best solution to remove hair underarms. Because, the more you shave:

  • hair underarms will be more thick
  • skin underarms will be darker
  • hair underarms will be more once you shaved
stop shaving!
So, what should you do?
If you have more time, yes you can use this:

but, you have to be little patience to pull it. 
Instead of this (figure above); I suggest you to try these hair removal product. Such as:

wax strips

Hair removal cream
From left: normal skin, sensitive skin. dry skin.

shower hair removal cream aloe vera

Direction of use will be given. No worry, just read it and then tadaaa, you can use it. Okey?

However if you have extra money, you can buy EPILATOR. The price is quite expansive, starting from MYR50 - MYR189. Depends on the brand. You can buy it at any electrical appliances stores like Heng Seng or watsoever. But as for me, I prefer this: 

So? Stop shaving immediately because now you know what's the best for you. Give it a try. Ouhh, by the way, lupa nak bagitahu harga. For hair removal product, the price starts from MYR 4.80 - MYR 30. Cheap isnt it? Go and buy one!


aimigabriella said...

any tips for whitening underarms? but i refuse to use deodorant. :)

Yellow Scarf said...

aimi, i'll update post about armpit remedies :)
thnx for that idea!