Sunday, 19 June 2011

Natural Remedy for Panda Eyes

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all Beauty out there! 

Cute isnt it?
How about this?

Is it cute?

Situation: Ohh, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna have a date tomorrow. Yeay! But, as you look at the mirror, suddenly  you start seeing panda eyes on your face. *Oh Noooo!!~ It is really ruin your mood! 

Many of us; men and especially women, or even children, have the same big problems -- dark eyes circle or we call it as PANDA EYES! 

Say NO Panda Eyes!

Top causes of Panda Eyes:
  • Lack of night sleep
  • Stress
  • Dehydration under eyes
  • Increased the use of computers
You can buy any product from pharmacy; such as eye cream for dark circle of eyes, concealer  and etc. But, the price is quite expansive. Ohh, dont waste your moneyyyyy. *So?  What should I do? 
Lets Home Spa! 

All the things you need are absolutely in your lovely home;



 Used tea

 Facial cotton

*Erk, cucumber? Heh, I know it!!
Yes, I'm so sure you're very familiar with the cucumber usage in reducing dark circle. Who said I want to talk about the cucumber? What a waste~ ahahaha. So, I just want to go through to the used tea slot.

First, left the used tea in the ice box for a few hours. Then, when you want to go bed, take out the already cool used tea, and put it over your eyes.

Easy isnt it?

For the facial cotton, you just moist/wet the cotton with cool water and simply put it over your eyes. As easy as 1,2,3! Dont let the panda eyes ruin your dating mood! Nahh~ go away panda eyes. Shuhh shuhhh!!

End of Natural Remedy for Panda Eyes

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