Friday, 17 June 2011

Help me, Dr. Super-food!

Have you ever feel very sleepy in classroom? And you feel like your teacher/lecturer/tutor 'mumbling' the blablabla infront? You're not interested? Nahhh~ *sigh

This happens because your brain lost connection. You like to eat? Hah, so good because this is the time for you to try the super-duper-food that can enhance your brain's connection! 

Remember that there's no magic tablet to boost IQ or make you smarter 

1. Caffeine "can make you more alert and concentrate"
Caffeine can found in coffee, chocolate and energy drinks.

Overdo drinking any type of caffeine can make you uncomfortable.
2. Sugar "Enhance alertness"
Yes, sugar can enhance your alertness. Sugar is your brain's preferred fuel source. No, not a tablet sugar, but the glucose.

glucose: your body will automatically metabolizes from the sugars and carbohydrates you eat

3. Fish. "The really brain food".
Rich in omega-3 fatty acid for brain functional and development. Also always good for those who suffer from the slower mental decline; especially as we get older

salmon fish
4. Dark chocolates and nuts. "Good source of antioxidant and E vitamins"

Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant properties and contains caffeine, which can enhance focus and concentration

5. Whole grains. "burn up brain cells"
Instead of burn up the brain cells, whole grain also is good for daily dietary such as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (good for heart)

whole grains bread
6. Blueberry. "Super nutritious"
Improved both the learning capacity and motor skills

Hmmm, so yummy~

Get ready for a big day?
  • Get enough night sleep
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Regular exercise to help sharper thinking
  • Brain exercises i.e sudoku, crossed puzzle ant etc 

Eating too much or too little can also affect the ability to focus. 

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