Friday, 17 June 2011

Opsss! Teen Nowadays Problems (Part One)

What do you think when you look at this picture?
Okey, these are the top rank problems of teen nowadays.

Rank #1:
Bad breath.
The situation: You just finish talking with someone that u admire the most. And you just realized it after your friend informed you that u've the poowwww breath! 
*Euuu, embarrassing you!

Ignore it! haha. what to do kan? The past is past. But the best is, please dont repeat the same mistake over again and again and again.  Be sure to brush and floss regularly. Dont know how to flossing? Erk, that's not my problem! HEH

Rank #2:
Body Odor  *opsss, typing error on that picture. Ignore it~
The situation: Have you take a bath this morning? This question freaking you out right? Nahh~

Shower daily with soap and warm water, and wash sports uniforms right after use. Hah, use the deodoran body spray. Nowadays it's easier to get it at any pharmacy or even grocer kedai mamak 

Now, the last hot rank of Part I. Tadaaaa... *drum roll please~

Rank #3:
Super sister
The situation: Everyone adores her; your sister. She is beautiful, smart, adorable, lovable and whatsoever, especially your parents. You tried to get their attention, but no one seem to notice. *ouuhhh, very dramatic!

Tell them honestly that you're tired of living in her shadow. If they still don't get it, ask for advice from another adult. You can also shares to your close and trusted friends. But, dont do anything that can harm you!

**End of Part One**

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