Sunday, 31 July 2011

First Day of Ramadan

Assalamualaikum :)

Pheww, today is the first day of Ramadan. I thought that I will bersahur with my family. But not. I've to sahur here, at the hostel which I live now like others. Wuuu, I'm so sad. I feel like I'm so-so-so far away from my family! Arrghh ><"

These are the menu for my first sahur here:
oatkrunch biscuit (munchy's) 
mineral water
orange juice (tropicana twister)

I went to attend class at 8 in the morning. Yeaaaaa, I am sooooo s.l.e.e.p.y =.=". Alhamdulillah I'm not easily hungry like non fasting months. haha (F.Y.I, I'm a 'hunger'). Here's the thing I would like to show; on my way from the classroom to my 'lovely' hostel after my class dismissed, you know what that I've seen? 


hello brader, kalau marah sangat pun tak payah la macam ni. Orang lain pun tak dapat keluar kan duit juga. Apalah... Chill~

This is the third sem I study here, and this is the first time I see this junk. In my opinion, this is such a waste. If you have faced this problem many-many times before, why dont you just keep the money in your pocket? Or keep some safe place? It must be somewhere. Please, think before you act.

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