Saturday, 30 July 2011

Me without laptop and calculator

Ohoi, rasa macam sudah lama tak update. Mengapa? Mengapa? Yea yea, laptop damaged. Wuuu, sooo damn tragic. I was register my new semester last week. WITHOUT LAPTOP. Thus I attended to every class without laptop. 

Okey, I've a lecturer that always like to joking around. Orrrrr.. I thought. FOOLING AROUND. 

When I came to his class


Then he asked each one of his student. "Do you have your own laptop?"
From first to the next, next, next, next....... and..
"I don't sir", said one of us (of course not me!!)
"you don't? hah, you memang miskin. I tak nak ajar student yang miskin"
I was so damn shocked. And scared a lot
Then he pointed me.
"I.. My laptop was damaged. It'll be okey soon. I sent it to repair"
"By hook or by crook, you must have your own. Or else, I wont teach you"

Phewwww~ Seriously at first, I would like to say "I don't sir" As my laptop's not with me. But, someone has said it before, and the feedback? Worse. So, I changed my mind on the dot.


Another one. I lost my calculator!! Actually it happened on the last semester (during final exam; a day before my Technical Mathematics Paper.) Lucky I have a friend (the close one) that do not register for this subj on that semester. She borrowed it to me. 

"thanks a lot!!

Student's rule: each student should have one. Yes, I don't. I dont buy for the new one until today (now)
I think I should buy one now. Hikhik :)

This is my laptop. Lenovo Y410. I brought it about 3 or 4 years ago. weee, sooo out of date. Am I? It saves a lot of memory. (eceh, sentimental pulak dahhh)

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