Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Does God Exist?

Yes, god is exist (Allah). If you watch this video, they show some proof that Allah is exist like moon, sun, planet and earth the universe. However, I've the simpler way to make you understand that Allah is really exist. The creation of Human.  If Allah does not exist, can science make a human being? That's the question! I give you another simple example. Can a washing machine operate properly without man's hand? 
Simple. No.

Same goes in this case. There's nothing without the perfect arrangement of Allah. From the smallest atom to the largest universe. Everything was arranged perfectly. I dont want to talk much about this. I just giving the simple example to make you think of Allah. 

Quran itself is the word of Allah (kalamullah). Try read it, and try understand it (you can buy the Quran with the translation ones). But, not bible. Bible is not the word of Allah or god. Because Quran has no version. Means that no one has edited the Quran. Bible yes. If you noticed it, there are a lot of Bible version since the orthodox ages until now.

I'm not that good to make a comparison among religions, but sometime I think why people keep saying that Muslim are terrorists? And hates Muslim so much? I dont understand them. Maybe, they want to deny the existence of Allah like in pharaoh most history whose denied the existence of Allah.
I'm so proud to be muslim

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