Saturday, 20 August 2011

Shopping and eat makes perfect!

Hi!! Oh yah, yesterday I went to the Japan Restaurant somewhere in Kuala Lumpur to break the fast. (eh, asyik-asyik nak cerita pasal makan! hehe). Eventhough I'm small and thin, but I like to eat. Too much!! Eat makes me happy yahooo~~

Japanese Restaurant
Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur
19th August

I love the view from here. You can see KL's night view very clearly.

When everytime the costumers get into the restaurant, they will say " Irrashaimase~" And the sounds like 
" MASIN MASIN!!!" What masin?
Their chefs are kind of friendly. And thus, we always hear the laugh-out-loud sound! Kelakar sangat ke? Nanti tercekik sashimi tu masa makan! Yea, it was my first experience to eat at Japan's Restaurant actually. So lovely. But, the price is quite expensive. Its ok if you want to try once. Just try :)

Comment: My food was good. But my partner's food no. Hahaha. Poor him. The chicken curry is totally different from Malay cuisine style. Weird. The soup feels like.. errr... maung. Maybe they put too much vegetable in the soup. The desert? Superb. I like it. Very cute. And tasty.

OHH! btw, I shopped! You know, I bought two handbags (CarloRino) and two shirts (Billabong). Yeah it SALESSSS!!!!! Thank you sale. Heh, usually I'll shopping with him but only I will be crazy shopping. But this time... he also shop. He bought Baju Melayu for this coming Hari Raya! Raya is just around a corner babehh!!!!! It's cheep! And, he kinda crave for shopping. Perhaps :P

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