Monday, 19 September 2011

Alert a loser Boyfriend

Here's the symptoms:

#1 : Guy with no friends -- he will be very creepy once you hang out with your best friend even with your girls

#2 : Guy with no job -- Love is love but love need money. Am I right? Girls should be a kind of materialistic, but not too over. Because you will probably lost your true love.

#3 : Guy without education -- Without education, they will get no job. And job support your future.

#4 : Guy with twisted minded and thought -- When you ask him questions, he try to change the topic. This shows that he is really hiding something from you. This is the first indication of lying. 

#5 : Perfection from you -- He really want you to go for spa, hair treatment, slimming academy just to show off. 

#6 : Lunatic guy -- there are various types of lunatic. But this one is really worst : ex-girlfriend (he always mention about his ex's)! ; be careful about that. Don't make yourself sad.


So please ladies, if you realize these symptoms at the beginning  of your friendship, dont go further. Because those guys will effect your relationship and your life. Just be friend might be the better way perhaps.

till next time

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