Saturday, 3 September 2011

Jerk situation

  • Forgot that you have eyes make up and you rub it. Very hardly
  • Playing with cats but they bite your finger
  • Pick up the phone but forget to push the 'answer' button and say "hello!!" for thousands of time
  • Your friends talk about a guy named 'Seth Tan' and you said. Who's that? 
  • They look at you and said "Dont you ever know about the popular drama Nora Elena?" and you said "I dont know"
  • You drink a lemon ice in the fasting month. You forget you're fasting
  • You play fireworks and suddenly your glamour dress jahanam
  • You want to shake hands to your grandma's guest and they dont realize you want to shake hands
  • You have an English Debate but you speak Malay suddenly in the middle of your speech
  • You call you boyfriend 'Baby' in front of his friends
  • You talk while sleeping. Your friend heard it and tell it to your friends
  • You stalk your boyfriend's facebook account and kantoi with her sisters.
  • You farting in front of you boyfriend but you just know him
_common things yeahh_
till next time

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