Tuesday, 18 October 2011

All is well

As you can see these pictures below, they are my classmate of Technical Communication II subject. We have to make an assignment of Costumer's Satisfaction of a product. Which is divided into two tasks. A presentation and writing report task as our evidence of making this survey. In making a writing report task, we need to make a questionnaire survey. I and my teammate have decided to choose Canon DSLR as our product. (*okey, skema tak ayat ni?) - Well I done the report, edit it almost a thousand times! (hikhik, hyperbola. Over pulak :P)

presentation day
I'm presenting the demonstration of Canon DSLR 1000D Model (i'm the one who capture this photo) Hikhik. Look at one of my classmate he is really poyo! (over) :P (sorry Taufiq for saying that you're poyo :P )

The timeline:

Week 1:
"Heyy, relax la, we have another two weeks to submit this report.."

Week 2:
"Yeah, another 5 days. Sempat punya.."

A night before the presentation and submission day:
"Arrrghhh!! !@#$%^&*" 
-Not enough sleep
-No ideas
(padan muka!)

But!! But, a good thing is ..my mind works in a critical thinking angle. Haha. From two weeks assignment, it can be complete just a NIGHT only. A NIGHT okey. (you dont have to copy this bad habit EVER!!)

The report is done. it's a presentation day wehh! How I feel like a fried prawn is beating my heart. Blood pressure increase during the presentation. I dont know what the 'heck' am I talking infront :D However Alhamdulillah the presentation is run smoothly

**p/s: Thanks to Nadiah's Dad because let us to borrow his 1000D DSLR, Fatin, 500D DSLR. And my team members because you not sleep that night to completing this reoprt yahh (paksa rela) :D

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