Saturday, 22 October 2011

Back to my hometown

After about 5 years I'm not visit my hometown, finally I'm back. For a reason.. The sad ones. I get a phone call from my aunt. "Ayong, opah is gone forever". I was shock on that time :'( 
My grandma has passed away on  Wednesday,19th Oct 2010 @ 8pm. She was 84 years old this year. Opah, I'll miss you :)

I arrived at the Muslim graveyard (Kluang, Johor) at 12.30pm. Unfortunately, I dont even had a chance to see her for the last time. After the funeral ceremony, I went home along with my aunts and uncles. We went to the Ayer Hitam - Johor before we go home. I just remember when I was a kid, I always came there. Fun! Hikhik. Lots of cute thing there. Fancy pillow yahh. There's a lots of fun things like.... 

**Oyehh, by the way, I feel like a tourist! :D

tapioca, jackfruit, banana
Dragon fruits, sweet potatoes, mango
the fun oil palm :D

Finally i back to my hometown :)


j a n n a h said...

Takziah. May allah bless her and give all of you the strength & courage to endure this tribulation. Alfatihah.

Yellow Scarf said...

Thanks a lot jannah :)