Monday, 24 October 2011

I've got assignment for you my Parents

Focus on the important characteristics. 

  • Yes, make sure you ask for single only. Of course each of you ladies want someone who can lead you. It's a kind of useless if you say "I want to get married to this guy because I want to lead him*Hey kakak, bila masa kau nak ajar dia, lepas kahwin nanti? For sure you dont have time!
  • Yeah, if you fall sick, at least he can stay beside you. That's the Q point (*in electronics subject Q point operating point)
  • Sorry about the salary (heyy, dont get mad). You know what I mean. Love is a love but a long term love needs money to make it happier and stronger)
**Like what I have said before, I love to post random things! Tadaaaa!! (muka tak bersalah mintak penampar)

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