Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ladies Day Out

Ladies day out. Where there are no men are allowed to hang out together. Ehehe. Basically, this is our activity every end of semester. Actually the more the merrier! Last semester we went to Genting Highland from 9 to 9. 12 hours screaming like !@#$%^. :D Next semester? Maybe we going to have a barbecue or something. Fufooooh ><"

Every moment are precious :) 

Sunway Pyramid Ice. 15 Nov 2011

I like when I see my friends fall! Ehehehe. Sorry guys! :) Ehh eh!! I dont know why I always different from others. They said I'm a weird. Rasenye laaa...~

Oyehhh, by the way, these are the pictures taken end of last semester. Genting Highland. Someday in May (I cant remember which date) 

*Alaaaa, final tak habis lagi pun sebenarnya T__T"

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