Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I want Friday!!


How's your holiday? Eheh, me? I do nothing to be proud of. I read comics, watching tv until I fall asleep, I sleep until I can't sleep the next day, taking a long long time to shower *whatever*. Haaa, please somebody take me out!!!! *sob sob* Oyehh, by the way, I read these comics. Big title: Maid Maiden - Kaoru *Malaysian Artist* You see, I got book 1 until 4 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and I really wait for Friday to be released and I dont know when -.-"  *Tolonglah cepat*

I have lots of comics and these are ones of my favorite art

Friday :)
another cute love story; Strawberry Vampire

Haaa, these comic genre are really beautiful *kiss* Oh when I was a child, I really wish I could be a cartoonist but look what am I now, I studied Engineering! My interest on comics will never fade! ecece :D Last time I went to the Comic Festival when was 11 and until now, I am willing to go but, its always clash to my everyday routine! :( Someday I will be there! *but I don't know when* hikhik ><"


Aleeyaaa said...

Eh Alia pun sukaaa Maid Maiden!! Really awesome. Hikhik :D Yeah, I'm waiting for Fridayyy. Ahaha. Cepaatlaaahhhhh. Hoyehhhhhhh!

Yellow Scarf said...

maid maiden friday da kuar ke belum eh? I cant wait to get both comics. really awesome kan?