Monday, 5 December 2011

What Should I do?

Assalamulaikum peeps!

Sometimes this happen to me, maybe to you too. I hope this entry can help you to handle it in an easy way. My advice, please don't make the thing worse. Enjoy your day peeps! Here's the tips and tricks.

Hey sunflower, I've no friend. Can I talk to you my problem?

Best friend Crasher
  • YES : Don't confess too early to your bestfriend. The best is, don't confess at all because it just gives you awkward situation after confessing. The relationship is not going to be as same as before.
  • NO : Confessing 

Stalker your partner's Facebook
  • YES: Just tell him/her who much you miss them
  • NO: "Ohh I think you cannot being trusted"

"I am jealous" 
  • YES: Just tell them very nicely in an appropriate time and place
  • NO: Get mad so sudden infront of other people *macam orang gila* 

Shopping mode
  • YES: "Yehh, it so nice on you :)" this is the trick for you to not wait any longer
  • NO: Forcing them to buy something that you're not sure it is good for them just not to waste the time

"Don't you miss me?"
  • YES: "I miss you"
  • NO: Don't ask!

Someone ask you to teach them but suddenly the group discussion is full
  • YES: Smile and just go (give some relevant reason)
  • NO: Making such a bunk-face =.=" Heyy, stay cool okay!

Silent birds
  • YES: Just let it be, after sometimes ask them either they are just fine or whatsoever
  • NO: Keep silent until the end or keep asking "are you okay?"

Fighting Chicken -.-"
  • YES: One up, one down *one of you should remain cool*
  • NO: Both of you keep fighting like a fighting chickens. Then who wins?

I am sorry
  • YES: "I knew, eventhough it wasn't my fault, its yours but I'm sorry" ahahahaha, okay i'm joking :P Just say I'm sorry. fullstop
  • NO: "I'm not going to apologize, that not my fault!"

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