Saturday, 21 January 2012

Almost Killing Me


Waaah, it has been nine solid days since I hadn't update this blog. Seriously, my time table for this semester almost choking me! *I can't breath! I can't breath!!* Okay, my first week was really tiring. You know I had a problem with the lecturer who teach us subject Principle of Control System. I am not the only one who getting uncomfortable in the class. My friends also. The subject is quiet tough, but I know, if we learn harder, it's going to be easy. Unfortunately, we are so disappointed with the way the lecturer teach us. 
Please be considerate that you are teaching one subject while we have to struggle for eight subject this semester.  
So, as a student who can adopt this situation, I made a fist move. I had made a discussion with two of my friends who having the same problem. We agreed to take a risk to drop this subject and add the next subject which is Power Electronics Principle and Devices. Phewww~ frankly speaking, the process of add - drop subject is quite hard! Timetable classed, fully packed class and whatsoever. Alhamdulillah everything just be fine.

(Click the picture for enlargement) So finally, this is my new timetable. The red circle is my new subject I just add (Power Electronics Principle and Devices)

This is not the only problem for this first week. Another case, about the Final Year Project (FYP to be short). As my partner for the FYP is a Medical Engineering Student, the selection of the FYP title project is going to be harder. Our first title was Solar Biopic Heartbeat Detector. I thought it might be an awesome project to make a long-lasting solar supply system in a Medical project, but there are lots of differences in opinion between the lecturer. Some of them said it just fine to combine two courses in FYP and some of them said NO strictly. Next problem is a selection of the lecturer who willing to conduct us in FYP within one week. Just a week to discuss project title and to select the supervisor! Oh dear! After one discussion to another, finally this is 

The pink box is our project selected. Changes are not recommended :'(  But yeah, thanks to one of my friend who helped me to find this project. I almost cry that day 

Just to be clear, keep the positive thinking. First move is always the hardest

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