Monday, 2 January 2012

Super T-Shirt

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey, i believe each of you have your favorite T-shirt, don't you? Hik, yes because I do have a Super T-Shirt! What's so special about this T-shirt? Hah, the word will change according to my mood. Awesome kan? ahahahah TV Baby emoticon 
* i don't know what so funny here =.="*

natural mood

*mood bila elaun masuk bank. ahah!*

*my luck day!*


You dont believe I have that T-shirt?! Aiyoo, let me show you. haha

Ohh its flip! ala salah lukis la :( 
Hmmph, i think I lost another word! what's that hah? Oyeh, what the... **** erk, okay never mind just forget it TV Baby emoticon 


Aimi.Si.Giraffe said...

ohh God, t-shirt tuuu sangat cool. tahniah y.s. ahahahah. *xde kene mgena pun. :P

Yellow Scarf said...

ahahaha. sengal aimi :P