Friday, 3 February 2012

February Rain

Assalamualaikum and Greetings! 
Counting days, it's February at last. February schedule? I don't know. I am watching the rain and, Hello February Rain? What's up huh?
I think I have something to do with my braces. Ohh, change braces colour on 20th February! Yeah this time maybe it will be changed to light orange. Because I brave and I know it!

horribly annoying face like me =.="

I really need a vacation *sobs*. I'm so bored, everyday is everyday. Oh btw, this March I will enjoy a homestay travel at Air Papan, Johor. I always like an adventure camp but I hate commitment. That's me. Lucky one of my close friend is the committee of this organization. So, I just have to register my name to this homestay trip and enjoy it. Write-and-enjoy. Really unfair isn't it? *nasib ahhhh* But that's on March. February is really hate me. Please go hurting February TV Baby emoticon

So I decide to go to a vacation with some of my girlfriends. Having a ladies days out. I did some Google-ing process and I found a really interesting place to go. Here's the deal

for more info click here

So far, I'm still searching for the public transportation from here to there *really unclear kan this sentence? eheheh* Ahhh, I really want to try a snorkeling there by this budget vacation ever!

When I feel alone, or lost or hating others by hating myself, I will try my best to do something really catch my interest and forget that unpleasant feeling by relocating my heart to some other place. Friends top's rule: never let your friends alone. 
Have a nice weekend and holiday. And to all Muslims, selamat menyambut hari Maulidul Rasul (Prophet Muhammad saw; pbuh Birthday) February can you just stop hurting me? I'm begging from the bottom of my heart


Mutia said...

why do you hate february? it's beautiful and full of love :)
btw, I like your cute blog :3

Yellow Scarf said...

yehh beautiful, but less love and its quite tiring month. ehe :)