Monday, 5 March 2012

My Campus

Hi guys! So we meet again. Before this, someone had asking me, where do I'm studying? Where? Here, I'm a British Malaysian Institute (Diploma in Engineering of Electrical and Electronics) student who are currently 'ENJOYING' the hardest semester of these three years; 4th sem. This is the busiest semester ever before we proceed to the Final Year Project's semester and lastly an Industrial Training's session. 

Here I got some pictures for you. Where am I now. So enjoy okie!

Campus and hostel



Unlike other university which are very large, this University is quite small. Here's the advantages, easy going anywhere,  easy to meet and discuss with lecturers, most important thing is no big time rush to the lectures or classes, just take a walk less then 5 minutes from hostel to the campus. *believe it!

*credit to Irsyad Zaidon @ ecadphotography for these awesome pictures. I found him on facebook!* 

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