Friday, 16 March 2012

Red Day

Yo! I haven't sleep completely for a day because of the Entrepreneurship Day that has been held yesterday. For sure, its really tiring. Its not easy to bake rainbow muffin *I mean it*. The idea was very good (rainbow muffin) but arrghhhh, its hard, really hard to maintain layers of each colour in one cup of muffin (raw ingredient). 

mixing the raw ingredient

divide the dough into 5 basic colour of rainbow *it 7 actually but we ignore orange and blue*

Tadaaaaa~ *drumroll please*

hik, tipu je *it was my imagination* hahaha :P

these are they. cute kan. *it was my first timeshhh, shut up and take my rainbow muffin! :3

blueberry flavoured rainbow muffin

We also sell rojak and cheese tart.

The Crew of Le' Licious. *our costumer said that we are the cutest crew of the day!* ahahaha. Guys, you are happy, we are happier! Thanks to red colour who make us famous for that day. 

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