Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Yummy eat

Assalamualaikum u'olls!

Hik, I have a good news for the candy lover out there. I am not very sure that have you ever heard of Traditional Handmade Candies i.e Sticky and Candylicious? Yeah that's my topic today. Frankly speaking, this is my first time I ever knew about those big names of candy. My boyfriend is the one who introduced me to these! Hee, maybe I'm too thin so he brought me there then he thought I can gain my weight unhealthily! *dush! dush!!


Traditional Handmade Candies

Sticky produce its own product. Handmade Candies. Delicious and too sweet to eat! Unlike you, I don't like something sweet to eat so when I came there for the very first time, I am not very exited. Honestly! However, there is one thing that makes me exited of. The way they make those candies. But! The price of candies are quite expensive perhaps those were handmade ones? As I remember, my boyfriend bought me a MYR19.90 for 170g candies. Mahal la tu kan? *Sampai sekarang tak habis lagi oii*

Even cat love sweets >.<" haaa, how cute you are~


Just like Sticky, Candylicious also have it's own attraction. While Sticky produce its own product, Candylicious sells a worldwide candies, cookies and chocolate. When I said a worldwide products, I actually meant 'very expensive'!

I get exited on my first 'visit' here. Then a movie of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory suddenly role play in my head! 'Lights, camera, action!!'


Anonymous said...

wahhh semua buat ulya tergoda .
sedap2 tapi takleh mkn bnyak2 .
nnti kena kencing manis . ..

Yellow Scarf said...

@amalina ulya, makan sesekali boleh la, selalu nanti overweight! >.<"

Atyrah said...
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Atyrah said...

nampak sedap, colourfull gitu, hehe :)

Yellow Scarf said...

tp manis ya amat! haha. gongak gigi ^^

nana kamarul said...

I was too fascinated by the way they make candies dekat Sticky. Tak bergerak2. And masuk Candylicious rasa macam masuk candy factory. Rambang mata tak tahu nak beli yang mane. Ehehe!

Bott bott Chomel said...

hyee ^^ yang pasal comment dekat blogskin tuh kan . okey buat mcm nie -->

go to your setting then look for comment, click it and scroll down . then you will find a words "comment from placement"
you thick for pop-up window then just save and view your blog :)

click that comment words nanti dia akan pop-out tempat komen ^^ kalau tak jadi ke ape bgtahu una yaaa :) harap dapat membantu ..

Yellow Scarf said...

@nana kamarul, hee, i felt like i've being hypnotized! hehe. da try gula2 dia? manis gila ^^

Yellow Scarf said...

ok una, thnx. I'll try use blogskin again :)