Thursday, 7 June 2012

Oh My Corn!

Assalamualaikum Mak Jemah sekalian!

I am suffering from CORN for about 3 months! On my left foot. Wuuu, at first, it was a very small wound in my left foot then it became a corn. Maybe it is because of the infection :'( I don't know it is a corn before I asked some of my friends. It is a very-first-clumsy-time. And I was like, OH CORN, WHY

*ultimate facepalm*

Because of my clumsiness and naiveness I made a surgery. Hehe, ok fake, tak la surgery macam hospital tu tapi surgery korek-korek ketuat! Berdarah-darah oi kaki~  Then my dad seen me doing something weird on my foot. Awkward moment appears. 

Abah: Is that corn? 
Me: Yes
Abah, Euuu..
Me: Abah, stop teasing me. I'm suffering :'(
Abah: Heee, nahhh take this:

Duofilm. Direction of use: Apply daily *available at any pharmacy*
Trust me my dad is my savior. I get the Duofilm for free! Wohooo! So I dont know the price! Then, I have made some research on CORN. Other than Duofilm, you also can use a Corn Caps to relief and remove corns. Also available at any pharmacy.

And yey, hopefully the corn will be cured and gone!


Anonymous said...

corn tu ape ? ulya tak taw :(
ulya nak taw...

Yellow Scarf said...

corn, wart tu ketuat yang menyakitkan hati dekat kaki. kekeke