Monday, 9 July 2012

Simply Unique Sweetest Surprise.

Simply unique refer to the very-one-kind hijab that my mom gave to me about few weeks ago. Challenge accepted, so I wore the hijab on dating. It's rare isn't it? We went to shopping, and yey I bought a new Jubah, and few dresses. Wohooo, so much win yeh!! Lama tak shopping dengan budak busuk ni.

Lunch at Old Town Aeon Bukit Tinggi

Mengundang the flying-kick-face >.<

I plan to eat pizza at pizza hut's restaurant together with him. We've never been there before since we're on dating. Unfortunately he refused. He's suddenly become a weirdo and rush for something I don't know. 

Awwww~  It was a surprise caught me that day! Let me sing u a song:

I used to wish
I used to dream
But now, I'm living my heart while there is fantasy
So, I begin to believe because our love is there for everyone to see

The sweetest surprise
Come at me tonight, right there in your eyes
While I was kissing you
So don't say that you don't love, everything you dreamed of could be here.

He bought me to the beach at Morib, Selangor. Celebrating something, ehem *cleaning throat*. It takes about an hour from Shah Alam, to Morib, Selangor. It's really surprising. Frankly speaking, he's not romantic in his words, but he's full of surprise. I still remember I said I wish to eat one big Chocolate Indulgent with him. "As you wish Milady" Tadaaa, I'm drowning in a HUGEEEE Chocolate Indulgent avalanche~ *okay that one is very hyperbolic*

Unplanned picnic

Selamat Ulang Tahun. See, I told you he's not romantic in his words, I'm wondering, Ulang Tahun of what? hahahaha. But don't worry honey, you shower me with your love. And it's never drain. 

Could you please keep my heart safely and unbroken?

I'm in love with this Chineseman *racist* ahahaha

I dont know how he does it - the mata juling

Again with muka selenga

And again

Watching almost sunset together

Almost jump picture?

And almost framed portrait. 

flying kick haiyyak!

We are young pose. hikhik

Thank you for the sweetest surprise. May this feeling last forever. I love You.


Cik Nanad said...

sweet la korg :)
die mcm chinese je mukanya. hope korg kekal ye.. :)

Yellow Scarf said...

si anak cina. hik.
InsyaAllah :)

Cik Nanad said...

owh, patot la.. sedap la awk ek dpt mkn kek tepi pantai..huhu :)

E'in said...

semoga berbahagia.. :)

Yellow Scarf said...

InsyaAllah. thnx :)

Aimi.Si.Giraffe said...

sayang, i hope you guys lasts forever sampai syurga :')
seriously. i love both of you guys. :) stay young, stay chinese! :PPPPP love you sayang tiqah. XOXO
*bila nak jumpa? :')