Monday, 30 July 2012

Hola Lighthouse!

Assalamualaikum visitors!

Can you believe me that Kuala Selangor has its own Lighthouse? Wohhooo. I've been there! And yes, there is a lighthouse. Tak percaya? haaa.. tula, asyik-asyik pergi klcc je mana taknya kan? Ok actually before this I don't even know any lighthouse in Selangor too. Lucky me to have someone who always introduce me to a new place on dating. It is weird! hahaha. Let me take you out of a box! 

From highway

To the rural road

Lighthouse 1907

This is Lotong

Monkeys and Lotong everywhere~


Baby Lotong's fur is in orange.

Foreigner from Thailand happily play with the monkey. Errrr -.-

Feed us feed us!!


See, they used to drive the train. ahaha

Another monkeys!

Are they talking to each other in monkey language?

My love for you is like a journey, start at forever and ending at never

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