Monday, 6 August 2012

I Banned DeJaVu

Well, Dejavu here doesn't mean a lucid dream or something related to dream like a feeling that you already done something even though you didn't yet. Dejavu here is the name of a restaurant 

I went for Iftar with my love and his old friends. It just like a reunion, but not very reunion la because most of his friends couldn't attend this Iftar.

As I've already thought, De Ja Vu Restaurant is located opposite of the LRT Station of Setiawangsa at Dataran Jelatek. So why I banned Dejavu? As for me, I feel more comfort and easy to perform a Maghrib Prayer before I start eating those foods for Iftar. So we (I and my boyfriend) decided to perform Maghrib Prayer. Unfortunately, the food already finished after we've done praying.

I asked for a plate to get some food;

Me: Where's our plate?
Pakistani: Where's your plate?
Me: You shouldn't ask me where's our plate. We just get here.
Pakistani: Ohh wait haa.

Then he gave us our plate.

Me: Where's your fork?
Pakistani: Dont have dont have.
Me: What? How we're going to eat? 

Blalalala I lecture him. I'm so furious. Ohh, seriously? I paid RM29 and I just geta french fries with no fork? So I strictly banned this Restaurant. Costumer Service? Out. The Pakistani only focus on their other Pakistani's costumer needs. Bias, racist! 

However I still enjoy this Iftar with his friend! They are so friendly eventhough some of them is my friend when I was in Secondary School. Thank You for invite us in this event :)

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