Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Assalamualaikum you all!

Ok seriously I messed up with my English Language so annoyingly. What an earth is "Violin-ness-ly"? Aigoo! 


I started to learn to play violin recently. I learn with no teacher and to be honest, its quite tough eventhough I learn through Youtube tutorial. Lots of tutorial I watched! But still, it gives me a horrible vibration of strings *literally, it's a sound* Hmppph. 

xxx: what about violin class?

Yes, I've thought about it too, but since this is my Final Year of Diploma, I should be more focus on my final year rather than playing violin which I can make it as a stress relief. Am I right? *sedapkan hati sendiri*

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Aimi.Si.Giraffe said...

ohhh my myy! you have violin?! your own? my my.. dah la tu siap ada hard cover casing tu. gila kentang lah tqah ni. weih, kawin nanti aku ajak ko perform je lah. ahahaha. jiat duit pegi honeymoon nanti. :P bdw, keep it up, sampai PRO tau!!!! IMY lah dear. like seriously. :D