Monday, 24 September 2012

H&M Public Opening at Lot 10

This is the public grand opening of H&M which is first in Malaysia. Yes, I'm sooo exited even though I and my girl friend had to face 2 hours of traffic jam in KL! Ohh seriously, too many people here in Kuala Lumpur assembled and queued for this H&M public opening! People came from nowhere!

I tell you, this outlet is extremely big! Super big with 3 floors of clothing and accessories. 30,000 Sq Ft vs 36,000 Sq Ft, 3 Storeys

H&M Malaysia Lot 10 Building

See my exited face?

Ramai gila

The prices are quite affordable. But, well the fashion itself is not very suitable for people who wear hijab here in Malaysia and our weather. I just can say, it's hard to find the suitable ones, I mean, really suitable for our style. But as long as you can 'match-and-wear' plus a little bit brave-heart, everything will be awesome!

Then out of the blue, I meet Tun. Coincidentally! Ohh man, this just got it real!! 

His body guard enterframed. 

Well, I dont know why I look soooo weird in this picture.  

Way back home

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