Tuesday, 2 October 2012

DIY - Chocolate for gift

Have you ever thought to give someone a box of chocolate as a gift? Yes? Hah, so then, try to add some uniqueness and make it more exclusive will make it very unforgettable gift ever! Let me show you a DIY Chocolate Gift. *drumroll please~*

1. Chocolate bar.

2. Almond Stripes. 

**You call also replace it with any other type of nuts such as cashew, walnuts, hazel nuts and so on to make this chocolate more crispy ^^

Plastic Jelly Moulds

1. Cut the chocolate bar into smaller pieces.
2. Melt the chocolate using this method:

3. Put the melted chocholate into jelly mould.
And tadaaa... here you go~ 

Example of Chocolate Gift

Nampak mahal kan? 

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