Sunday, 4 November 2012



Aigoo, rasa lama gila tak update blog! Bukan tak ada topik nak diceritakan, but I'm sooo freaking busy these few weeks. Well, everything seem so messed up suddenly. Final Year Project, Final Year report, assignment tu, assignment ni, mini project and stuff. For the worst case, team-mate buat perangai *seriously i hate groupwork!*. Lost communication, human error and so on. Maybe, maybe la kan it is because of the changes of hormone in the body. Kot la. Why, why this is happen to me? If and only if I can split my body into two and more. It will be easier kan

Arghhhh.. Hah dah la tu banyak kerja nak kena siapkan. Ni lagi satu hal:

They thought I am zombie or what?

Ohh anyway, please support my Final Year Blog. Thank you

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