Friday, 10 May 2013

New Gadget!


Sorry for the long wait. Aha! Guess what?! Haaa. I just bought a new phone! An I phone! Wohooo

FYI, this is my first Iphone! So, I'm a noob. Okay dont laugh! I admit it *sobs* So these are the printscreens of the apps that I have in my Iphone. For the newbies *like me* maybe this printscreens can help you in order to add some new apps on your smartphone.

PrintScreen 1:


PrintScreen 2

 iman  iQuran Lite  English dictionary  Malay dictionary  Idioms NATGEO TV SkyWeek Universe Form : Physics  Art Studio  #nocrop Insta efree Camera 360

PrintScreen 3

 Social network site 

PrintScreen 4:


PrintScreen 5:

 Map  Waze  Footprint  Groupon  H&M  Zalora 9gag  SMS Faces  Make a meme  Stickman  Emoji Keep Calm creator  flyFM  Find iphone  iBooks iTunes U 

Oh, anyway, do find me on instagram : atqaasyhra. I hope that this entry can be a kick-start for an Iphone or any smartphone newbies! 


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