Monday, 20 May 2013

The beauty-freak

 and assalamualaikum world! 

How's your day so far? Me? More to random internet surfing since I just finished my diploma. Yohoo and now, I'm waiting for my degree in Electrical Engineering, Inshaa Allah *click click* 

Okay, today I would like to share something about my beauty product from head to toe. To be honest, I'm a beauty-freak. Why I said that so? Because I am super-duper-really concern about my entire body. You too, should more concern about your whole body. This is not the make up that I used to apply on my face when every time I want to go out for something, but this is more than that, I mean, more to enhance your natural beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Read more, learn more bebeh!

First, the pictures!

 L'oreal Anti-Frizz Serum
 Simple Facial Wash (Night)
 Bio-essence Tanaka White Facial Wash (Day)
 Bio-essence Tanaka White  Clarifying Softener (apply before make - up foundation)
Kiehl's Shampoo

For this serum, I apply it every time after I washed my fair. And remember, this is not a conditioner which you have to wash it after use. Just, apply onto the wet hair, and its done! *Clap clap*

I'm using this facial wash for years because it is very gentle on my face! and you will feel like a glowing face after wash! Smooth!

The left one (Vaseline) is for my lips. I dont know why, I cannot apply any lipstick from any brand straight to my lips. I've tried once, and my lips totally burned and swelled like errrr..   and so yukies! So before I apply lipstick, I will (I HAVE TO) apply a thin layer of Vaseline to make it, shiny and long lasting. And the Nivea Serum is for my whole body. I will apply it before bed and after shower. This is good to prevent from a horribly skin crack due to the heat of Malaysia's weather! 

Guess what, I just bought a new shampoo for my hair and scalp care! I am so tired of hair fall problem, and it getting siri-ous everyday. I mean, I'm scared of hair lost! I have tried some hair fall shampoo such as L'oreal, Pantine, Dove, Clear and stuff. But, it doesn't work well on my scalp! So after review some products on the internet, finally I found one! Tadaaa!

Thrust me, this Kielh's Ultimate Thickening Shampoo is really burn my pocket hole! Too expansive but, luckily it comes with 30days guarantee. I've tried the shampoo, and alhamdulillah, it is so worth! My hair is less fall, my scalp is become healthier and I am happy too!  

So I really hope that this entry can help you to stay beauty even more! Till next time fellas! 


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