Friday, 15 July 2011

A Loner Day

I woke up at 6 this morning because I have to prepare to meet the dentist! My appointment was at 8am actually. Then, I asked my dad to send me to the clinic. I don’t even have a breakfast! *tak sempat.

So, the Aloner Day begins here! :

Alone 1:
I went to the clinic alone. My dad just drop me then he went to work.

Alone 2:
I wait to meet the dentist alone while others have accompany (mom, siblings, friends, dad and blablaba)

Alone 3:
Hungry. Extremely hungry. Luckily the dental session was over. I went to the nearest cafĂ© to have a breakfast at 10.30. Again -- alone. It’s rainy outside. I don’t bring any umbrella! Arrghh~~ So I have to wait until the rain stop.

Alone 4:
I walked alone to the LRT station. There was too many cars and it’s really frightening me to cross the road. I pray a lot. “Ya Allah, hopefully I’ll arrive home safely today. Amin”.

Alone 5:
Then I get on the train alone. My target is the Ladies Coach! Yes, and the target was successfully hit. Only after I get the bus, then I'm really home. Phewww~

pictures when I'm in the Ladies coach. I feel safe with all ladies inside

Alone 6:
Not even 2 minutes arrived home, I just remember that I have to pay something; that things then brought to the bank. Alone. Once again! Wuaaa~~

Alone 7:
12.30 pm. Finally. I’m home! And, Im not alone this time! Yea yea. My mom's waiting!

It's really tiring  when we did something alone. No one can be our ears, eyes, mouth. And.. Frightening a lot! Maybe just because too many thriller movies playing in my mind! Yea, bad thought! Haha. I'm so thankful because I'm home safely at last!