Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Honey. Yes, honey

"And your Lord revealed to the bee saying: Make hives in the mountains and in the trees and in what they build: Then eat of all the fruits and walk in the ways of your Lord submissively. There comes forth from within it a beverage of many colours, in which there is healing for men; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who reflect"

Translation in Bahasa Melayu

"Dan Tuhanmu mewahyukan kepada lebah: Buatlah sarang-sarang di bukit-bukit, dipokok-pokok kayu dan juga bangunan-bangunan yang didirikan oleh manusia. Kemudian makanlah daripada segala jenis bunga-bungaan dan buah-buahan yang engkau suka, serta turutlah jalan-jalan peraturan tuhanmu. Dengan itu akan keluarlah minuman (madu) yang berlainan warna dari dalam badannya yang mengandungi penawar bagi manusia daripada berbagai-bagai penyakit. Sesungguhnya pada (yang demikian itu ada tanda kemurahan bagi orang-orang yang mahu berfikir)"

(Surat an-Nahl, 68-69)
Do you have any idea what is this?

Well, this is honey (madu kampung). I brought it from someone that i used to know; my uncle from Darrul Syifa'. Its not about where I get it but its about to share the Benefit of Honey. Yeah, lets go!

Benefits of Honey:
1. Honey is a great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to our
    bodies. Try honey drink in the morning before you workout instead of drink caffeine. 
2. Glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly compared to other sugary food.
3. Helps to keep the levels of blood sugar fairly constant
4. Honey can be powerful immune system booster.
5. Because honey’s antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties -- it can help improve digestive
    system and help you stay healthy and fight disease.
6. Honey possesses carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties! (cancer natural

Besides, honey is known as the remedies for ailments. How to work this out?

Sore throat:
Taking honey drink can be useful for sore throat. Just because honey can kill certain bacteria that causes the infection. Personally, if I have coughs or sore throat, I'll take a spoonful of honey, and mix it with warm plain water. Simply drink it. InsyaAllah everything will be fine.

Here's the useful tips: Take a glass of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey to calm the soul and induce sleep.

Healing cuts and burns:
Because honey is good source of anti-bacterial properties, it has been used for first treatment of cuts and wounds. Just apply honey to the wound.

Tips to make honey drink, the best work is use plastic spoon and stir it anti-clockwise. Give it a try yeah. Wish you have a healthier life. Together we pray for it. Amin :)

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