Monday, 28 January 2013

Food Travel Yang Tak Berapa Nak Jadi

Hello there & Assalamualaikum wbt!

Wah wah, tak sabar nak cakap, Happy New Year 2013! *almost February dah pun* Alright, lama tak update blog. Alasan? Meh, FYP? Ahaha, no more FYP honey, and guess what, I've got an A for our FYP! *remember Infrared Audio Headphone Link for TV ?* Yippi! Unexpected + full of dramas! *wiping tears* -----> puii, drama queen punya budak!

So, I have short listed my new target for this year *banyak gila*

1. Violin Class for beginner 
2. Coffee Machine - Dolce Gusto by Neskopi

3. Food Travel 
4. Thermochomic mug (colour changing mug)

this is awesome

5. Darth Vader and Star Wars flash Drive

and more! 

So why the title of this entry is 'Food Travel Yang Tak Jadi'?

Original plan #1 :

IKEA Damansara

Trust me, this place is very busy. Everyday and always! 
Must try menu: Ikea Meatball
For those who haven't been there before, you should go there atleast once in your life! 

Some photos at IKEA Damansara

Original Plan #2 :


Unfortunately... That premise has been hidden by syaitoooon *penuh khalkolah sebab geram tak jumpa*. Serius tak jumpa weh Wondermilk area Damansara! 3 hours straight, fed up and stressful so we stopped. But, nevermind , there's always next time! One fine day, in shaa allah, we will try out cupecakes at Wondermilk cafe *sobs*

Sudden Plan #1 :

Vivo Pizza, E-Curve Damansara

Mood: Pre-wedding. Kbye! *ke-miang-an"

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