Saturday, 2 February 2013

Lunch Time: Yey Wondermilk!

Dear readers.

I bet not everyone have heard about +Wondermilk Cafe since I was madly hunting for it with my boyfriend *about few weeks ago* and none of people we met at the street (to ask where is exactly +Wondermilk Cafe) said "yes, I know that place!"

So I told my Minah-Saleh friend about my disappointment because I really-really want to go to this cafe with my love ones *sad*

Then, she took me to one of the +Wondermilk Cafe outlet at Sri Hartamas during lunch time! Yippi! 

Hunting Time! 

+Wondermilk Cafe @Publika Mall, Sri Hartamas

So? Puke rainbow now!! 

As you wish! The cupcakes right in my hands. Two for RM 9

My Scottish friend

Thank you friend for such a wonderful day! :)

1 comment:

nadiah =) said...

wondermilk sedap die punye red velvet cupcake, mmg terbaik, tp dye punye rainbow cake tak brape, lawa je lebih ^^